the light at the end of time hangs without sound; a violent ending


never stop

the line that is blurred the moments the time that escape that is wished for and granted is that worth crossing wirth identifying worth living and she crosses her fingers holds her breath before the crucial moments and when she can release she is fine and words spill from her and in her mind she … Continue reading never stop

one by one

A crowd stood around the body of an old neighborhood friend lying quietly in the street on a busy Tuesday morning. They were silent leaning together asking, with only their eyes how this sort of thing could have happened. Hands in their pockets they remained concerned showing solidarity and perceived strength they banded together. Not … Continue reading one by one

what it had lost

set the world in front of us holding the top with a palm and preventing it from moving stood there, with a finger placed held over where we were from then, hand removed we watched the great world spin took fingers and dipped them into the oceans felt the collective breath of the thing draw … Continue reading what it had lost