waiting rooms


we positioned ourselves in another waiting room a stack of magazines on a chair a book with a magic marker that would reveal puzzle answers my contribution but I'd lost interest. I'd found myself back towards a quiet television examining the walls The hung art was dull enough that the groves in an exposed brick … Continue reading waiting rooms



you know one of the first things I remember is sitting in the shady part of the lower bowl of Tiger Stadium behind the catcher looking out through netting you said that the man at bat was big said he was good so I believed you I remembered the cards I'd been given collecting people's … Continue reading Fielder

an end (crisis averted)

we were holding on to one another hoping that at the point of impact (crisis averted) we'd have just gone through the actions leaves falling in the spring having made it this far pushed out by the next wave photosynthesis pushing out the dead with a handshake eventually though they clung together the end was … Continue reading an end (crisis averted)

for a moment there

from afar we looked on lights flashing bodies numb and moments there waiting to be grabbed up experienced beheld and cherished there was the violent reckoning the gathered souls that moment before realization the calm in the eye where the wind can rise just slightly and what would normally be considered a whisper would now … Continue reading for a moment there


meant to dodge moments that are collectively good holding on to the railing as though on some teetering ride held over the edge and terrified before release they mention over and over that there is something to the moment that you can just let go falling into the abyss over and over leaving nothing but … Continue reading haunts