ad nauseam

we had so little to say to one another in the beginning we'd posture even force energy hold each other's gaze for whatever that meant we had moments we could argue brought us together and like any give-and-take moments that left us apart but there hasn't been anything there not for a while now we … Continue reading ad nauseam


babbling and time

and there wasn't anything else to give not then there was time and that was all we'd hold hands look at the things that meant something to one or both of us and we'd talk but even then we didn't know what to say hoping only that somewhere in there amidst all of the babbling … Continue reading babbling and time


walking down and around or through glancing at doors to the left or to the right every once in a while stopping opening and seeing what lies on the other side to find more white extending walls lingering off into the horizon or maybe just a corner somewhere far off where eventually there must be … Continue reading hallways

Peanut Butter

Here we are at the edge of oblivion and you've got your head stuck in the cupboards pushing metal cans from side to side attempting to find something you haven't found the time to identify. (to me) It's gotten to the point you're creating piles on the counter pulling out items at random in a … Continue reading Peanut Butter

Drifted Apart

Thinking about what it meant then thinking about what it means now as though taking just a few moments to myself can transport me to what got me here to begin with or (at least) nostalgic for it. Like we were lovers having drifted apart by chance and then realizing that we'd always held significance … Continue reading Drifted Apart

Keep on Dancing

We dance foot sliding stomping shaking hoping not to be noticed for the frauds we are hoping to fool potential viewers into thinking there's so much more always been always will be evolving changing maturing into something to get excited over and then the song changes and the beat with it and we start from … Continue reading Keep on Dancing

184. Venture Forth

Feels like being stuck between two worlds. One that existed always. having its own defined legend its own map. discovering new to me old to you places still yields exhilaration but not totally leaving one of us nostalgic at what it felt like to see everything for the first time. The other world is this … Continue reading 184. Venture Forth