the lights, the lights

house lights dim we hang in the rafters watching the thing from afar our breath louder than we ever remember hearing it lights go up a birth a dance figures crawling across hands searching wooden planks sanded into form always fitting moment after moment lights dim the crowd around us whispering with only a few … Continue reading the lights, the lights


tall grass

waiting in the tall grass devoid of my normal humors and privy to a world very much like my own slithering uncoiled with the feel of venom in my veins and the teeth to deliver is there anything as powerful as desire knowing that no matter what the stage your role will not be usurped … Continue reading tall grass


we settle like so much sediment thinking only of how we might look years hence layer upon layer weighing us down first by our feet slowly building to our waist ad rising above our shoulders only then was there that fear that anxiety all the questions about "Was it all enough?" "What did I miss?" … Continue reading sediment

Meetings in the Dark

Watching the reflections of passers-by in the gathered water of a nighttime rain. one man scratches the back of his head holding a cigarette down near his waist this could be a silent movie people talking in the background being the ruin of that fantasy. And they scold one another over and over talking back … Continue reading Meetings in the Dark